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Why are the Great Lakes Great?

  • They provide water for 37 million people.
  • They are a source of water for regional agriculture and food production.
  • They provide year round recreation, ranging from fishing, boating, swimming or playing on the beach.
  • They are a powerful economic engine for the eight state, two province region.

And yet, the Lakes are vulnerable to pollution, invasive species, over consumption and irresponsible development.

John_DykstraYour morning routine affects Our Lakes.

The Great Lakes are a vast-but not limitless-resource. Thirty million people in this region, including Chicagoans, rely on the lakes for drinking and bathing water, and the demand is growing. That is why water conservation is critical to the health of the Great Lakes and our communities.

Our typical morning routines not only take up valuable minutes, but they also use lots of water. Did you know that the average guy uses 5 gallons of water per shave?  Or that the average shower uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute? It adds up. By making a few simple changes, you can save water and get out the door more quickly.

GandinoYou can reduce your water use and protect the Great Lakes in a couple of easy ways. Join Great Lakes Forever in protecting our Great Lakes by taking the following pledge:

The choices we make in our daily lives directly impact the future of our Great Lakes. Thank you for choosing to make a difference!